By Paul Delia
President, AST Sports Science

Welcome to the AST Sports Science 12 Week Max-OT Online Training Course. Over the next few months you will experience a totally new training approach that will guarantee a lifetime of results. This is exciting new territory and I am thrilled to be bringing this to you.

The Max-OT Online Training Course is designed to teach you the Max-OT principles. This is the most effective way to get a full understanding on how to implement the most effective muscle-building training method. This training course is not just a workout program, it’s an educational course the teaches you how to implement the principles and the science behind the effectiveness of this unique training approach.

Throughout this course there are numerous Max-OT training program examples. This is designed to give you a comfortable understanding of the structure of various Max-OT workouts. By the end of this course you will have the tools and the knowledge to implement and structure Max-OT workouts on your own.

Remember, this is a course designed to teach you the realm of Max-OT. Don’t just blindly follow the workouts. Learn the whys and hows of building muscle the Max-OT way.

Max-OT Course


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